Alyson Dunlop & Ian Shanes: Non-Human Entities 19/09/19

The SSPR’s Annual Programme of ‘Between Worlds‘ Talks begins with a Presentation about those intermediaries between Gods & Men, This World and the Otherworld, Humans and Elementals ~  ‘Non-Human Intelligences’.

Scholar Rev. Alyson Dunlop and Psychic Ian Shanes share their own perspective on both the traditions and experiences of alleged entities, across cultures, history and geography.

Ian Shanes has been a psychic medium for over forty years. He began developing his ability to communicate with spirits in 1981 and went on to help the SSPR and SPI with investigations. He’s worked alongside Professor Archie Roy, D Plowman, Malcolm Robinson, Ron Halliday, and Alyson Dunlop, communicating with the other side and giving investigators his insight into what might be going on in haunted locations.

Rev. Alyson Dunlop is a demonologist, angelologist, Mariologist, and deaconess, with a classics degree from the University of Glasgow. She is a mystic, writer, hypnotherapist, and radio presenter, who has had a variety of psychic experiences across the board of the paranormal. She heads SPI Scotland, researching UFO and paranormal encounters. She has appeared on TV and radio discussing various aspects of paranormal religion and ufology. Alyson hosts and produces her own radio show, ADX-Files.

This talk will take place at the Glasgow Theosophical Society, 17 Queens Crescent, Glasgow G4 9BL (near to St.George’s Cross Subway Station).

The evening runs from 19.30 pm – 21.30 pm (with time for Q&A and an opportunity to socialise afterwards over a cup of tea and coffee).

Members £1 and Visitors £5

All Welcome.