Psychogeography, Sound and the Supernatural with Jim Colquhoun & Nanobots 21/02/19


To know what is paranormal, we must know what is normal, and there is still much to understand between place, person, mind, memory and the realm of the senses (before we can consider the extrasensory!)

Why do certain places affect us in certain ways?

The SSPR offers its members and visitors an opportunity to explore what factors may be at play when we experience any place ~ including sound, light and psychological factors – and take these into account when considering paranormal phenomena.

The evening will be in 3 parts!

Innes Smith, SSPR Investigator of almost 20 years, will introduce the evening and sketch in a potted history of environmental factors in Psychical Research, such as sound, light and electromagnetism.

Jim Brady and Shona Marshall (a.k.a Nanobots) will play a most unique gig – ‘Ethereal Sub-Sonics generated by Nanobots‘, i.e. a subsonic song with one aim: to disturb you! It has long been argued (by Vic Tandy, Richard Wiseman, et al) that standing waves of subsonic frequencies can account for much ‘ghostly experiences’, inducing both feelings of anxiety and also hallucinations (as soundwaves of 17 Hz have been proved to induce ‘nervous feelings of revulsion or fear’ and, according to NASA, the resonant frequency of the eyeball is 19 to 21 Hz). It’s harmless! But will it work!? Come along and find out if sound can indeed ‘spook you’.

(Also, those not wishing to take part, can stand out of the room!)

Jim Colquhoun is an artist and writer, who has been a practising Psychogeographer for years (although he prefers the term ‘pataphysical cartography‘ because ‘it makes no sense‘). Jim will introduce the subject and provide an insight into his own practice and how he allows himself to be ‘taken’ by landscapes/places. Like by the fairies.. For those wondering what Psychogeography is, Jim’s presentation will be most welcome and enlightening.

Jim Colquhoun is a Glasgow Based artist and writer, who has exhibited work across Europe. His work seeks to negotiate the boundaries between art and life, waking and dreaming, fiction and fact.

Jim Brady (The Rezillos and The Johnny Seven) and Shona Marshall (The Space Kittens) are Scottish musical, sound engineering and Roller Derby legends. Together, their band ‘Nanobots‘ has played festivals across Europe and supported The B-52s.  This is their first one non-song gig.

Jim’s talk and the Nanobots subsonic gig will take place as part of the SSPR Lecture Programme on Thursday the 21st of February, at 7.30 in The Glasgow Theosophical Society building, 17 Queens Crescent, Glasgow, G4 9BL.

SSPR Members £1; Visitors £5 – and ALL ARE MOST WELCOME!


‘Jim Colquhoun and The Nanobots’ replaces the previously advertised presentation by Drew Mulholland, who has regrettably cancelled due to other commitments. We wish him well and will welcome him back another year!