Nick Kyle: The Paranormal Exists! So what!? *NOW ZOOM CONF 28th May*


We are delighted to announce that the speaker for The Archie E Roy Lecture; our keynote presentation for our 2019-20 programme will be past-President of the SSPR and leading figure in psychical research in Scotland, Nick Kyle.

Nick Kyle has spent his professional life in education, challenging others to be their best and develop their own talents. Following from a transformative experience of a reading from the platform by Medium Albert Best, for the past 30 years, Nick has sought to develop his own understanding of psychic abilities and develop his own psychic abilities.

Nick will “share the best evidence for several forms of paranormality using the latest science, stats, and quantum research. Then reflect upon my own corroborated investigations and experiences, including those experiences of those that I trust“.

And Nick promises to “reflect on the significance of it all ~ provocatively!”

Nick is now semi-retired, teaching education at Glasgow University and meditation as a private practitioner.

Nick’s presentation will now be held online via a software app called Zoom. You will need Zoom to access – and members will be notified of the link to log on and see Nick’s Presentation via email.

The presentation will also be available to be viewed via Facebook!

Please Note! That we are also attempting to Livestream it to YOUTUBE, but are having technical difficulties. If we can’t stream it live onto Youtube, then we will archive the video on our SSPR Youtube Channel for you to watch, anytime!

Mishka has emailed everyone, so please check your inbox if you’re on our mailing list! 🙂

The presentation will start at 19.30 Thursday the 28th of May.