Paranormal Pecha Kucha: Short Talks by Many Speakers 19/12/19

Paranormal Pecha Kucha

‘Pecha Kucha’ is a slide-show presentation style, originated in Japan – and ‘Pecha-Kucha’ itself is Japanese for ‘chit-chat‘. There’s a strict format for speakers which guarantees short, snappy and fun talks for the audience: 20 slides and 20 seconds per slide!

Since being introduced to the SSPR a few years ago, it’s now proven to be a popular regular feature in our programme of talks and is a great way to get a taster/teaser on a subject that you’re maybe not particularly interested in hearing about for the first time all night? 

This years Pecha Kucha is a proper pick’n’mix! Guaranteed to entertain and intrigue!


Austin YuillIcelandic Yuletide Traditions
Jessica YuillWorld’s Weirdest Cryptids
Nick NightingaleGlasgow’s Masonic Mysteries
Derek DoranThe Amityville Horror
Ashley CookMotivations behind the Ashley Cook Tarot
Joel ConnThe Joke of Wellington: Cones of Power and Commerce

The evening will be held in the Glasgow Theosophical Society, 17 Queens Crescent, Glasgow, G4 9BL

19.30 pm to 21.00 pm with time for discussion and a cup of tea and coffee afterwards (and maybe something stronger, it is Christmas, after all).

Members £1. Visitors £5