Peter Broughan: 2018 The Edge of Disclosure?


Dedicated weird-sky watchers had been bristling with anticipation for some time as recent straws in the wind became a flying wheatfield of rumour and speculation. A game-changing revelation about UFOs and the reality of alien life was imminent, it seemed.
Previous whispers of announcements regarding Unexplained Aerial Phenomena (as the current jargon has it) were always followed by major disappointments as NASA or the US Government delivered less than was hoped for towards confirming that other advanced life forms do exist in our seemingly infinite universe, and indeed that they have been visiting us for very long time indeed.
Not this time though. The truth definitely does seem to be out there now, after an astonishing article in the hallowed pages of the New York Times sent shockwaves reverberating across the world of believers and sceptics alike.
It began when Luis Elizondo, an intelligence official at the Pentagon, resigned his post as head of a secret and secretly-funded US-government programme researching the reality of alien life and threat.
He did so deliberately in order to blow the lid off the abiding culture of secrecy within military and government establishments which constantly prevent the whole truth being allowed out and subjected to public and democratic scrutiny.
Elizondo followed this up by contacting Helene Cooper of the NYT in a scene straight out of a movie, meeting in hotel bar in Washington and showing her declassified docs and videos relating to his work.
Two of the videos which can now be seen online are shot from the gun cameras of US navy planes encountering a UFO, and include the astonished voice-overs of the pilots who cannot believe what they are experiencing.

Peter Broughan is an award winning Film Producer, Academy Award Nominee and lecturer at the University of the West of Scotland.

Peter’s talk took place as part of the SSPR Lecture Programme on Thursday the 19th of April, at 7.30 in The Glasgow Theosophical Society building, 17 Queens Crescent, Glasgow, G4 9BL.

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