Prof. Caroline Watt: Precognition. From Life to Lab 17/5/18

Thursday 17th of May – Ground Floor and First Floor of The Glasgow Theosophical Society, 17 Queens Crescent, G4 9BL

Caroline Watt

Precognition is the apparent ability to predict unexpected future events, and precognitive dreams are amongst the most commonly reported seemingly paranormal experiences. What are the characteristics of seemingly precognitive experiences? Can precognitions be used to warn the public of impending disasters? What psychological factors may be implicated in real-world precognitive experiences? And when researchers have tested for precognition under controlled laboratory conditions, what have they found? Join Professor Caroline Watt, of Edinburgh University, to discover the answers to these questions!

And Join in the Experiment!

Prof. Watt will be testing your precognitive powers! On the evening of the 17th of May, in Theosophy House, Queens Crescent, Glasgow, she will show a target image: can your dreams leading up to this event predict what you will see? All you have to do is:

  1. For a few days before the meeting, keep a record of your dreams, a dream diary. And then before the evening of the 17th, email this to the SSPR, via this site, or our Facebook Page.
  2. Turn up to the meeting to find out whether the collective group can predict the target image. The dream diaries will be ‘blind judged’ against four possible targets before the target image is revealed to everyone else. The blind judges will not take part in the experiment.

So focus on that target image – dream on! – and see you there! 

Caroline Watt holds the University of Edinburgh’s Koestler Chair of Parapsychology, and is a founder member (in 1986) of the Koestler Parapsychology Unit – the only research centre of its type in the UK. Professor Watt is a former President of the Parapsychological Association, has published numerous journal articles about her research, and her latest book is Parapsychology: A Beginner’s Guide. She runs a parapsychological study registry, the KPU website, Twitter @KPUNews, as well as a popular online course. Find out more at the KPU website:

Caroline’s talk will take place as part of the SSPR Lecture Programme on Thursday the 17th of May, at 7.30 in The Glasgow Theosophical Society building, 17 Queens Crescent, Glasgow, G4 9BL.

SSPR Members £1; Visitors £5 – and ALL ARE MOST WELCOME!