Psychometry with Ricky Martin 21/03/19


Ricky Martin is a Spiritualist Medium who, like the Scottish Patriot William Wallace, was born in Elderslie.

Like many Mediums, Ricky had experiences from an early age but he kept them to himself thinking that he would not be believed. In later years, his sister encouraged him to attend a Spiritualist Church and, eventually, Ricky began to develop his mediumistic abilities. He now serves the SNU (Spiritualist National Union), as well as independent churches all over the UK.

Ricky has assisted the SSPR on many occasions, including at our fundraising Mediumship Demonstrations; Investigations; and at a previous Psychometry Evening back in 2011. One recipient of some extremely evidential information from Ricky’s handling of her object (initially still secreted away in an envelope and later removed to reveal further information as it was held in his hand) went on to write a report about it for the Psi Review – the then SSPR’s quarterly magazine.

For those who have something small that they would like to have psychometrised by Ricky, please put it into a plain envelope, unmarked (the SSPR will give you a number), and bring it along on the night. The envelopes will then be laid on a table for Ricky to choose from and he will then reveal what he senses.

Please note that only a few envelopes will be chosen on the night and, of course, all of them will be returned to their owners. However, the taking part in the experiment is what is important along with the confirmation of any evidence revealed by Ricky during his handling of the object.

Ricky’s demonstration will take place as part of the SSPR Lecture Programme on: Thursday the 21st of March, at 7.30
in The Glasgow Theosophical Society building, 17 Queens Crescent, Glasgow, G4 9BL.
SSPR Members £1; Visitors £5