Sarah-Jane Le Blanc: Is it Possible to Communicate with Animals? 20/9/18

SJ and Ben eye to eye contact

Sarah-Jane Le Blanc will share her experience of nearly 15 years of communicating with animals across the world as well as share the science behind how it is possible to connect and communicate intuitively (telepathically) with animals.

This will also be an interactive presentation: Sarah-Jane will also help you see where and how you are already communicating with your own animals – even if you didn’t realise you were! There will also be opportunities to practice connection techniques with each other!

This is Sarah-Jane Le Blanc’s first visit to the SSPR and her presentation launches our 2018-19 lecture programme. Whether you’re a believer in telepathy or a sceptic, all are welcome to attend this presentation by a well-established psychic practitioner, listen to what she has to say and join in what promises to be a lively and engaging Q&A!

Sarah-Jane Le Blanc describes her practice as “a simple, down to earth approach to work that is natural in origin, yet is often viewed as being somehow mystical, or even impossible”. Her “powerful strategies for connecting with the animal world” has won her converts and clients throughout the UK, Europe, Australia, Asia, the United Arab Emirates and South Africa.
As Sarah-Jane points out, “I suffered a childhood fear of animals, so I could not understand why the animals were coming to me. However, I believe there are no coincidences“. She came to discover the animals were seeking her out in their times of real need. “Intuitively, I knew I had the ability to help, and the means to form a bridge of connection“.
My commitment is to assist both animals and guardians in reaching new heights of health and well being, and my passion is to teach them how to communicate with one another naturally and compassionately on their respective journeys. If someone like me, terrified of animals all my life, can learn how to lovingly communicate with them, then so can you”.

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Sarah-Jane’s talk will take place as part of the SSPR Lecture Programme on: Thursday the 20th of September, at 7.30

in The Glasgow Theosophical Society building, 17 Queens Crescent, Glasgow, G4 9BL.

SSPR Members £1; Visitors £5