UFOs and High Strangeness: Andrew Hennessey 18/04/19

UFOs are of special interest to the paranormal investigator, presenting as they do, the potential for multiple witnesses and physical evidence. However, UFOs present a perennial challenge to sceptic and believer alike when the sober and credible ‘nuts & bolts’ Ufology melts into the otherworldly; presenting far more phenomena than lights in the sky or radar returns, but poltergeist type phenomena, telepathy, ultraterrestrial entities and high strangeness.

Scottish Ufologist Andrew Hennessey has made a special study of UFO experiences and High Strangeness in the Gorebridge area of Midlothian. His presentation will focus on the more extraordinary aspects of witness statements; challenging experiences, often dreamlike and incredible. However, uncommon as these experiences may be, they are not unknown in the literature and represent a significant aspect of all UFO and Paranormal Phenomena – sometimes it just gets really strange.

Andrew will explore these experiences and speculate on what this kind of paranormal phenomena can mean.

Andrew’s talk will take place as part of the SSPR Lecture Programme on: Thursday the 18th of April, at 7.30pm in The Glasgow Theosophical Society building, 17 Queens Crescent, Glasgow, G4 9BL.
SSPR Members £1; Visitors £5