Audio Archive


The Society has, over the years, had hundreds of speakers come to Glasgow to speak to its members. Many of these talks were recorded.

We present a selection of recordings, some of excellent sound quality and fully complete, some incomplete, and some – neither!

Also, when we started back in 1987, it was a rare event that speakers would use slides. Now, almost all presentations are powerpoint and speakers constantly refer to visual aids as part of their talks. For this reason, we now video talks and make them available to members only.

The SSPR is a registered charity and we present these recordings as part of our educational remit.

Demonstration of Mental Mediumship / Glasgow University 2013

Nigel Peace / Precognition, Dreams and Synchronicity / March 2013

Rupert Sheldrake. The Science Delusion

The South Sheils Poltergeist

The Enfield Poltergeist /  Maurice Gross /  Part 1

The Enfield Poltergeist: Maurice Gross Part 2 

Andy Thomas / The Crop Circle Mystery Part 1

Andy Thomas / The Crop Circle Mystery Part 2

Dr David Hamilton / Freewill / Sept 2013

Dr Peter Fenwick

Roy Stemman / Psychic Detectives

Maj (Ret.d) Paul Smith / Remote Viewing / Extract

Paranormal Question Time /

Lorn MacIntyre

Dr Jude Currivan / February 2012

Joan Charles / 2014

Prof. David Fontana / Instrumental Transcommunication / 2010 Part 1

Gordon Rutter

Enfield Poltergeist 25 Years on / Maurice Grosse

Dr Peter Fenwick

Dr David Hamilton

Andy Thomas 2014

Graham Hancock / Extract