The Cleansed Bathroom

Client:   ‘Mother’


Location:        West End of Glasgow

Team:              Investigator – Alan Park

Assistant Investigator  -Tricia Robertson

With Diane Mitchell – Medium

Family:  Mother, father, two children –boy aged 7 girl aged 5. Both parents have good jobs.

Dwelling: Two –storied, semi detached property in a good location. Family has lived there for 7 years.

A lot of physical work has been carried out on the property in the last 5 years- including some excavation in the back garden.

Previous interest in the paranormal – minimal.- but not dismissive.

Religious background – minimal

Mother had a “sleep paralysis” type of experience about 10 years ago, but none since.

Mother not on any medication.


When they moved into that house, she gave birth 5 days later, then less than 2 years later she had another child. During this time her life would be hectic with the children accompanied by several major faults that were discovered in the house. This would have been a stressful time.

Within the last two or three years she gradually began to notice that she was not comfortable on the top landing

She also noted that she would not have a bath at night, as she felt that someone was behind her.

Her son thought that she was upstairs in the bathroom on a couple of occasions, when she was not – he seemed surprised.

The son also seems to be having lucid dreams about a deceased grandfather, whom he had never met. He likes these dreams and looks forward to his “conversations”.

Over the past two months the feeling of presence appears to have increased (at least in the mother’s eyes). She thought that she saw a black shadow in one of the bedrooms and another time felt a “pressure” on the right hand side of her face (like air).  It is worth nothing that she does not sleep well in that house, but is fine anywhere else.

Some time previously, someone had said to her husband “Have you seen the ghost yet?”

She may have a mental build up of fear as she is ok during the day but the “uncertainty” increases as the day goes on. I also think that she has the psychology of “uncertain” hours of her husband’s job.  It is not easy bring up two small children without a routine. There is no tie in with her menstrual cycle.

Way Forward

Test upstairs with EMF meter. And/or bring in a medium to “sense” the top floor, as a reassurance. The medium will have no prior information about the case. Mother is a bit off balance and intends to attend a yoga class in the near future. This would be good and give her back control of “herself”

Note to us.

We both forgot to ask her about her parents- alive /dead etc or any dynamic change within her family of friends.

Let me know in which way you want to progress.

Second Visit took place

TR brought a medium, Mrs Diane Mitchell. DM was given no information about the case at all.

Husband , was present on this occasion. Everyone interacted very well with everyone else, establishing confidence. Husband took DM upstairs to “sense” the house. Ap and Tr established that no “dynamic” change had occurred within the family in recent times.

DM reported that there was (her words) an energy change upstairs in the bathroom and front bedroom area. She felt no personality associated with this – just a change in energy. Nothing of a negative nature. Ap tested with EMF meter etc and found no anomalies. DM later took Mother upstairs and “talked” her into the bathroom in the dark, which she happily did. Mother was surprised that she could do this as she would never have been confident enough to do this before.

The family was left with a more confident feeling about the house and we have heard nothing since.


Tricia Robertson 2/10/06

Later I found out that they were going to stay where they were.

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