Speakers Archive

The following list is a work in progress! We have been going since 1987 and are slowly updated our archive – with the eventual aim to have listed all our previous speakers! 

Arthur and Me

Ann Treherne

Thursday the 18th of February 2021


Ann Treherne comes from a corporate background in banking and finance, latterly being CEO of a subsidiary company of a large, international bank. Back in 2000, she left the corporate world, having encountered premonitions which she states as being ‘dramatic and traumatic’. This, was her ‘wake-up call’ which caused her to seek out answers and ultimately to give up her job to become a Psychic Investigator. Now an International and inspirational Speaker, Tutor and Workshop Facilitator, she brings a unique talent and professionalism to the mysterious world of the metaphysical.

Now a Medium in her own right, Ann has worked with some of the best-known names in the industry including James Van Praagh, Tony Stockwell , Gordon Smith, etc.  Although she travels extensively, Ann comes from Edinburgh, the birthplace and hometown of Arthur Conan Doyle and is Chair of The Centre which bears his name, where she hosts talks and events celebrating the life of this great man.    

Ann will talk about her book ‘Arthur and Me‘ – an extraordinary account of her communications with the renowned Author and advocate for all things spiritual and psychical, Sir Arthur Conan Doyle

All are welcome. The SSPR holds no corporate view on the paranormal and we welcome believers, sceptics and critical thinkers alike. 

Paranormal Presents! 

A Selection Box of Short Talks

Thursday the 17th of December 2020

Inspired by the popular ‘Pecha Kucha‘, which is a slide-show presentation style, originating in Japan (but trademarked, so obviously, this is completely different) – the SSPR has been holding its own annual evening of short slide shows  – much to the approval of members! 

This years is a proper pick’n’mix! Guaranteed to entertain and intrigue!

THE Presenters were:

  • Austin Yuill – Icelandic Yuletide Traditions
  • Joel Conn – Law as Magic
  • Mishka Lessnau – Coincidence
  • Innes SmithHaunted Things                                                       

Presentation began at 19:30 GMT and will last up until 21:30 (including Q & A). 

This Presentation was free to Members on Zoom. 

ESP and Sensory Deprivation

Dr Cal Cooper

Thursday the 19th of November 2020


Parapsychologist and active Councillor, Member and Researcher with The Society for Psychical Research, Dr Callum E Cooper revisits the SSPR to talk about ongoing parapsychological research into Psi/ Extra Sensory Perception and how sensory deprivation can dramatically alter results! 

Dr Cooper has been noted for his work on altered states of consciousness, having spent a lot of time in the past few years working with floatation tanks and sensory deprivation. Throughout his time in research, he’s  travelled the world promoting science and the scientific method, as well as encouraging a sceptical approach to claims of exceptional human experiences. 

Dr Cooper is also a successful author, having written Telephone Calls from the Dead, Conversations with Ghosts (with Alex Tanous) and Paracoustics: Sound and the Paranormal (with Steven T Parsons). 

Dr Cooper is a Chartered Psychologist with the BPS and a Fellow of the Higher Education Academy. He lectures in Psychology at The University of Northampton. 

His website can be found here

The talk is now archived and the video is available to members. 

It Happened to Me!

Real Ghost Stories for Hallowe’en

Thursday the 15th of October 2020

It Happened to Me

Following on from Last Year’s Highly Successful and Engaging Evening we listened to 3 First Hand Accounts of Anomalous Phenomena with an opportunity for all to ask questions: Ricky Martin (who talked vividly about an apparition he saw in an old farmhouse when he was a boy), Helen Quinn (who talked about an extraordinary experience of hearing a voice on an audio cassette whilst driving past a cemetery – that was investigated by Professor Archie Roy!) & Innes Smith (who talked about a photograph he took in the British Museum – and then a year later, experiencing something decidedly odd in the Assyrian Gallery!). 

This talk is now archived on video and available to view by Members. 

Psychic Potential: Tarot, Runes, Feelings and Dreams. 

Mishka Lessnau

Thursday 17th of September 2020

Psychic Potential- Tarot, Runes, Feelings & Dreams.

Having grown up in a family where things of a psychical nature were just a
part of who they were, Mishka and her brothers could speak to each other
and their parents about their experiences without being ridiculed – unlike
many people who are afraid of revealing anything for fear of being
disbelieved. Her parents and both of her grandfathers had grown up with
such experiences. Indeed, her Polish grandfather was someone to whom
people would go in search of guidance – much as her Scottish Mum was too.
Having been encouraged by a close friend to establish her own business,
Mishka intends to touch on some of her own personal experiences and
some which are pertinent to her work with clients. However, having strong
principles regarding confidentiality, you’re unlikely to hear any juicy gossip!
Following and trusting one’s own intuition and using that alone is what’s
important but, sometimes, the additional use of mystical tools, such as Tarot,
Runes, and other Oracles, can add credence for a client or sitter during a
consultation. That and a strong sense of responsibility and respect towards
others is paramount.

The SSPR welcomed Mishka Lessnau before she opened our 2020 – 2021 Programme of Talks, ‘Life Unlimited?’ Especially as she explored the idea that we’re not just inexplicably connected to other living things but also to matter, events and experiences. 

Presentation began at 19:30 GMT(+1 BST) and lasted until 21:30 (including plenty of time for Q & A). 

Members will be able to access a recording of this evening. For details contact the Secretary: theSSPRsecretary@gmail.com

Nick Kyle: The Paranormal Exists! So what!?  28/05/20


We were delighted that our speaker for The Archie E Roy Lecture; our keynote presentation for our 2019-20 programme was past-President of the SSPR and leading figure in psychical research in Scotland, Nick Kyle.

Nick Kyle has spent his professional life in education, challenging others to be their best and develop their own talents. Following from a transformative experience of a reading from the platform by Medium Albert Best, for the past 30 years, Nick has sought to develop his own understanding of psychic abilities and develop his own psychic abilities.

Nick will “share the best evidence for several forms of paranormality using the latest science, stats, and quantum research. Then reflect upon my own corroborated investigations and experiences, including those experiences of those that I trust“.

And Nick promises to “reflect on the significance of it all ~ provocatively!”

Nick is now semi-retired, teaching education at Glasgow University and meditation as a private practitioner.

Nick’s presentation was held online via a software app called Zoom. Members were notified of the link to log on and see Nick’s Presentation via email. And the Talk was shared on the SSPR Facebook Page and on Youtube! 

The presentation started at 19.30 Thursday the 28th of May.

Chris Ratter: Psychic Surgery 16/04/20

This talk which was to be held at The Theosophical Society, 17 Queens Crescent, was cancelled due to COVID19. 

Demonstration of Mediumship:  19/03/20

This fundraising event which was to be held at The Boyd Orr Building, Glasgow University was cancelled due to COVID19. 

John Seery: Understanding Spirit 20/02/20

John Seery_Portrait

In Conversation with John Seery. A relaxed discussion with a Spiritualist Medium on how he got started, what he has learned, what the Spiritualists’ National Union believes and does – and what being a medium is like?
We also hoped to find out why ~ and how ~ the spirit world communicates!

John Seery has explored the faculties and mechanics of mediumship, since being introduced to Spirit and Spiritualism twenty years ago. John trained at the world famous Arthur Findlay College in Stansted, England and has attended many courses on healing, Mediumship, Trance Healing and Trance Mediumship – as well as experiencing Physical Mediumship seances.
John is a member of the Spiritualist National Union where he is accredited (and holds the certificate of recognition) for speaking and demonstrating. Recent years has seen John explore healing; e.g. Reiki, Sound, Colour and energy healing.

John’s talk took place at The Glasgow Theosophical Society, 17 Queens Crescent, Glasgow, G4 9BL

Annual General Meeting & Cases Review 16/01/20


The Scottish Society for Psychical Research is a membership-funded registered charity and is run by a group of trustees answerable to their membership. This AGM was an opportunity for members to have their say, table amendments to the constitution (to be voted on) and discuss the business of the society. Our most recent annual report was available and our finances will be scrutinised and approved. All members were encouraged to attend.

Our AGM was open to the public and visitors were welcome to attend ~ but were reminded that they could not vote!

After the business part of our AGM we reviewed the spontaneous cases (anomalous experience/paranormal phenomena) and members had the opportunity to discuss recent and on-going cases with the Case Coordinator and Investigators.

Our AGM was held in the Glasgow Theosophical Society, 17 Queens Crescent, Glasgow, G4 9BL.

Paranormal Presentations: Short Talks by Many Speakers 19/12/19

Inspired by the popular ‘Pecha Kucha‘, which is a slide-show presentation style, originating in Japan (but trademarked) – the SSPR has been holding its own annual evening of short slide shows  – much to the approval of members! 

This years is a proper pick’n’mix! Guaranteed to entertain and intrigue!

THE Presenters were:

  • Nick NightingaleGlasgow’s Masonic Mysteries
  • Derek DoranThe Amityville Horror
  • Ashley CookMotivations behind the Ashley Cook Tarot
  • Joel ConnThe Joke of Wellington: Cones of Power and Commerce         
  • Innes Smith – Happy Odinmass                                                             
  • Penny Sharp – Paranormal Quiz

The evening was held in the Glasgow Theosophical Society, 17 Queens Crescent, Glasgow, G4 9BL 19.30 pm to 21.00 pm with time for discussion and a cup of tea and coffee afterwards (and something stronger, it was Christmas, after all).

Gordon Rutter: Fungus & Folklore 21/11/19


Gordon Rutter is a Writer (Author of numerous books and regular contributor to the Fortean Times), Lecturer and Photographer and also organiser of the Edinburgh Fortean Society. Gordon’s also a Mycologist and will share with the SSPR how important fungus is (not just to life on Earth) but also to the paranormal!

Fungus is literally, metaphorically and mystically Between Worlds! Often featuring in folklore and religion, either in the foreground ~ or the background (or the underground).

This talk will take place at the Glasgow Theosophical Society, 17 Queens Crescent, Glasgow G4 9BL (near to St.George’s Cross Subway Station).

The evening runs from 19.30 pm – 21.30 pm (with time for Q&A and an opportunity to socialise afterwards over a cup of tea and coffee).

It Happened to Me: Real Ghost Stories for Hallowe’en 17/10/19

It Happened to Me

We heard first-hand accounts of the paranormal! Our evening featured 3 speakers to kick the evening off, but then we had an ‘open-mic’ for members and visitors to share their own experiences!

The evening was fascinating, entertaining and perfect for this time of year!

This talk took place at the Glasgow Theosophical Society, 17 Queens Crescent, Glasgow G4 9BL (near to St.George’s Cross Subway Station).

The evening ran from 19.30 pm – 21.30 pm (with time for Q&A and an opportunity to socialise afterwards over a cup of tea and coffee).

Alyson Dunlop & Ian Shanes: Non-Human Entities 19/09/19

The SSPR’s Annual Programme of ‘Between Worlds‘ Talks began with a Presentation about those intermediaries between Gods & Men, This World and the Otherworld, Humans and Elementals ~  ‘Non-Human Intelligences’.

Scholar Rev. Alyson Dunlop and Psychic Ian Shanes shared their own perspective on both the traditions and experiences of alleged entities, across cultures, history and geography.

Ian Shanes has been a psychic medium for over forty years. He began developing his ability to communicate with spirits in 1981 and went on to help the SSPR and SPI with investigations. He’s worked alongside Professor Archie Roy, D Plowman, Malcolm Robinson, Ron Halliday, and Alyson Dunlop, communicating with the other side and giving investigators his insight into what might be going on in haunted locations.

Rev. Alyson Dunlop is a demonologist, angelologist, Mariologist, and deaconess, with a classics degree from the University of Glasgow. She is a mystic, writer, hypnotherapist, and radio presenter, who has had a variety of psychic experiences across the board of the paranormal. She heads SPI Scotland, researching UFO and paranormal encounters. She has appeared on TV and radio discussing various aspects of paranormal religion and ufology. Alyson hosts and produces her own radio show, ADX-Files.

This talk took take place at the Glasgow Theosophical Society, 17 Queens Crescent, Glasgow G4 9BL (near to St.George’s Cross Subway Station).

The evening ran from 19.30 pm – 21.30 pm (with time for Q&A and an opportunity to socialise afterwards over a cup of tea and coffee).

Tricia Robertson: 30 Years Amongst the Dead 16/05/19


The SSPR is pleased to present for the Archie E Roy Lecture, one of our Past Presidents and a leading authority on psychical research in Scotland, Tricia Robertson. Tricia has been asked to speak on a subject which is of great interest to our members: her own experience as a paranormal investigator for over three decades.

Tricia has investigated hundreds of cases and many of them with the late Prof. Archie Roy. Her talk to the SSPR will offer up fascinating insights and reflections on the variety of cases she’s investigated as well as an opportunity to discuss some extraordinary cases.

A former teacher of mathematics and physics Tricia is a long term council member, past Vice President and Immediate Past President of the Scottish Society for Psychical Research.

She is a tutor for the Department of Adult and Continuing Education (DACE) at the University of Glasgow. In conjunction with Professor Archie Roy she provided a session programme of 20, 2 hour, lectures per session for DACE in a series entitled “An In Depth Study of Psychical Research.” This course has now been running for six years. The paranormal- what is the evidence?’

In addition to 30 years of experience in investigating spontaneous cases Tricia has appeared on various radio and TV programmes and has been invited over many years to speak to varied organisations throughout the UK.

She has written the forward to Dr Mark Ireland’s highly successful book Soul Shift, an endorsement in Bill Kasperi’s book, The Galilean Pendulum and some of her comments are on the back cover of Trevor Hamilton’s book Tell my Mother I am not Dead.

An established author on the paranormal, Tricia is also well known as an speaker on many topics concerning psychical research, which is reflected by the invitations that she receives from varied avenues, all across the world.

Tricia’s website can be found here

Tricia’s talk took place as part of the SSPR Lecture Programme on Thursday the 16th of May, at 7.30 in The Glasgow Theosophical Society building, 17 Queens Crescent, Glasgow, G4 9BL.

High Strangeness in Gorebridge – A review of the evidence: Andrew Hennessey 18/04/19

UFOs are of special interest to the paranormal investigator, presenting as they do, the potential for multiple witnesses and physical evidence. However, UFOs present a perennial challenge to sceptic and believer alike when the sober and credible ‘nuts & bolts’ Ufology melts into the otherworldly; presenting far more phenomena than lights in the sky or radar returns, but poltergeist type phenomena, telepathy, ultraterrestrial entities and high strangeness.

Scottish Ufologist Andrew Hennessey’s presentation will focus on the more extraordinary aspects of witness statements; challenging experiences, often dreamlike and incredible. However, uncommon as these experiences may be, they are not unknown in the literature and represent a significant aspect of all UFO and Paranormal Phenomena – sometimes it just gets really strange.

Andrew has a lifetime of exposure to the paranormal and has been researching this subject from 1980. A member of the Theosophical Society for 20 years, he ran a discussion group in Edinburgh called the Transformation Studies Group from 1996-2000. He also trained as a ‘Spiritualist medium’ at Albany street in Edinburgh with Mr and Mrs D Wright and platform medium Winnie Lewis in the late 1970’s. Interested in the ‘Close Encounter’ phenomenon from a very early age, he has an interest in folklore, myth and ancient archaeology – lately doing field investigations into ‘high strangeness’ at Gorebridge, Midlothian. He has appeared in various media e.g. the Discovery Channel, Paranormal Magazine, Jeff Rense – American coast to coast, Amazon, Nightsearch internet radio, Aglobalfocus, BBC Uncanny Edinburgh project, the Scotsman etc and today operates the Stargate Edinburgh Tour. His campaign for the human rights of ‘alien abductees’ called Xenopolitics, began in 2007 as a dialog with that part of the exopolitics movement that thought that ‘all aliens were good’ – despite evidence to the contrary.

Andrew’s talk took place as part of the SSPR Lecture Programme on: Thursday the 18th of April, at 7.30pm in The Glasgow Theosophical Society building, 17 Queens Crescent, Glasgow, G4 9BL.

Psychometry with Ricky Martin 21/03/19

Ricky Martin is a Spiritualist Medium who, like the Scottish Patriot William Wallace, was born in Elderslie.

Like many Mediums, Ricky had experiences from an early age but he kept them to himself thinking that he would not be believed. In later years, his sister encouraged him to attend a Spiritualist Church and, eventually, Ricky began to develop his mediumistic abilities. He now serves the SNU (Spiritualist National Union), as well as independent churches all over the UK.

Ricky has assisted the SSPR on many occasions, including at our fundraising Mediumship Demonstrations; Investigations; and at a previous Psychometry Evening back in 2011. One recipient of some extremely evidential information from Ricky’s handling of her object (initially still secreted away in an envelope and later removed to reveal further information as it was held in his hand) went on to write a report about it for the Psi Review – the then SSPR’s quarterly magazine.

For those who have something small that they would like to have psychometrised by Ricky, please put it into a plain envelope, unmarked (the SSPR will give you a number), and bring it along on the night. The envelopes will then be laid on a table for Ricky to choose from and he will then reveal what he senses.

Please note that only a few envelopes will be chosen on the night and, of course, all of them will be returned to their owners. However, the taking part in the experiment is what is important along with the confirmation of any evidence revealed by Ricky during his handling of the object.

Ricky’s demonstration took place as part of the SSPR Lecture Programme on: Thursday the 21st of March, at 7.30
in The Glasgow Theosophical Society building, 17 Queens Crescent, Glasgow, G4 9BL.

Psychogeography, Sound and the Supernatural with Jim Colquhoun & Nanobots 21/02/19

To know what is paranormal, we must know what is normal, and there is still much to understand between place, person, mind, memory and the realm of the senses (before we can consider the extrasensory!)

Why do certain places affect us in certain ways?

The SSPR offers its members and visitors an opportunity to explore what factors may be at play when we experience any place ~ including sound, light and psychological factors – and take these into account when considering paranormal phenomena.

The evening will be in 3 parts!

Innes Smith, SSPR Investigator of almost 20 years, will introduce the evening and sketch in a potted history of environmental factors in Psychical Research, such as sound, light and electromagnetism.

Jim Brady and Shona Marshall (a.k.a Nanobots) will play a most unique gig – ‘Ethereal Sub-Sonics generated by Nanobots’, i.e. a subsonic song with one aim: to disturb you! It has long been argued (by Vic Tandy, Richard Wiseman, et al) that standing waves of subsonic frequencies can account for much ‘ghostly experiences’, inducing both feelings of anxiety and also hallucinations (as soundwaves of 17 Hz have been proved to induce ‘nervous feelings of revulsion or fear’ and, according to NASA, the resonant frequency of the eyeball is 19 to 21 Hz). It’s harmless! But will it work!? Come along and find out if sound can indeed ‘spook you’.

(Also, those not wishing to take part, can stand out of the room!)

Jim Colquhoun is an artist and writer, who has been a practising Psychogeographer for years (although he prefers the term ‘pataphysical cartography‘ because ‘it makes no sense‘). Jim will introduce the subject and provide an insight into his own practice and how he allows himself to be ‘taken’ by landscapes/places. Like by the fairies.. For those wondering what Psychogeography is, Jim’s presentation will be most welcome and enlightening.

Jim Colquhoun is a Glasgow Based artist and writer, who has exhibited work across Europe. His work seeks to negotiate the boundaries between art and life, waking and dreaming, fiction and fact.

Jim Brady (The Rezillos and The Johnny Seven) and Shona Marshall (The Space Kittens) are Scottish musical, sound engineering and Roller Derby legends. Together, their band ‘Nanobots‘ has played festivals across Europe and supported The B-52s.  This is their first one non-song gig.

Jim’s talk and the Nanobots subsonic gig took place as part of the SSPR Lecture Programme on Thursday the 21st of February, at 7.30 in The Glasgow Theosophical Society building, 17 Queens Crescent, Glasgow, G4 9BL.

2019 AGM and Pecha Kucha 17/01/19

The SSPR held its Annual General Meeting on the first gathering of 2019. The business of the society was discussed, reports shared and any proposals or amendments to the constitution were voted on.

Our AGM was followed by short presentations by Innes Smith (on Medieval Walking Dead Legends) and Mishka Lessnau (on Coincidence).

The SSPR AGM and Presentations took place as part of the SSPR Lecture Programme on Thursday the 17th of January, at 7.30 in The Glasgow Theosophical Society building, 17 Queens Crescent, Glasgow, G4 9BL.

Rita Flanigan: The Road to Mediumship & Past Life Regression Therapy 20/12/18

Rita Flanigan of Hope Star Healing has been involved in complementary therapies for well over 20 years.

A graduate of the London College of Clinical Hypnotherapy and a member of the British Society of Clinical Hypnotherapy, Rita works with Past Life Regression, as well as, Reiki Healing & Training; Personal & Spiritual Training; Guidance Cards and/or Spiritual Readings; and she is also a Spiritual Minister.

Rita’s enthusiastic personality is inspirational and she cares deeply about sharing her knowledge with others. Her passion for studying and tutoring has taken her not just the length and breadth of Britain but also abroad.

Come along to meet her and hear how Rita became so immersed in the spiritual work that she does.

Rita’s talk took place as part of the SSPR Lecture Programme on Thursday the 20th of December, at 7.30 in The Glasgow Theosophical Society building, 17 Queens Crescent, Glasgow, G4 9BL.

Bewitched! Psychic Art with Karen Strang 15/11/18

Artist Karen Strang explores the connection between painting, shamanism and spiritual processes . Inspired by Pollock, De Kooning and Kandinsky amongst others , she will discuss how her own work particularly on the theme of Witchcraft, has been influenced by similar approaches and the outcomes from these practises.
Karen Studied Drawing and Painting at GSA and later at the Academy of Fine Arts, Warsaw.

This talk took place as part of the SSPR Lecture Programme on: Thursday the 15th of November, at 7.30pm in The Glasgow Theosophical Society building, 17 Queens Crescent, Glasgow, G4 9BL.

Mostly Ghostly: Haunted Highways of Dumfries and Galloway 18/10/18

South-West Scotland: a melting pot of the supernatural and home to two famously haunted roads. The mysterious Garlieston Straight in Wigtownshire featured heavily in our early investigations. and it was there we witnessed some of our most memorable and thought-provoking experiences…

Now to Scotland’s Ghost Road! Site of many weird and wonderful reports, the infamous A75 is often referred to as the most haunted stretch in Scotland. Sightings vary from a menagerie of animals to a pair of disembodied legs and almost everything in between! Join the Mostly Ghostly team as we reveal some of the strangest stories from D&G’s Haunted Highways!

Mostly Ghostly Investigations

Mostly Ghostly’s talk took place as part of the SSPR Lecture Programme on Thursday the 18th of October, at 7.30 in The Glasgow Theosophical Society building, 17 Queens Crescent, Glasgow, G4 9BL.

Sarah-Jane Le Blanc: Is it Possible to Communicate with Animals? 20/9/18

Sarah-Jane Le Blanc will share her experience of nearly 15 years of communicating with animals across the world as well as share the science behind how it is possible to connect and communicate intuitively (telepathically) with animals.

This will also be an interactive presentation: Sarah-Jane will also help you see where and how you are already communicating with your own animals – even if you didn’t realise you were! There will also be opportunities to practice connection techniques with each other!

This is Sarah-Jane Le Blanc’s first visit to the SSPR and her presentation launches our 2018-19 lecture programme. Whether you’re a believer in telepathy or a sceptic, all are welcome to attend this presentation by a well-established psychic practitioner, listen to what she has to say and join in what promises to be a lively and engaging Q&A!
Sarah-Jane Le Blanc describes her practice as “a simple, down to earth approach to work that is natural in origin, yet is often viewed as being somehow mystical, or even impossible”. Her “powerful strategies for connecting with the animal world” has won her converts and clients throughout the UK, Europe, Australia, Asia, the United Arab Emirates and South Africa.
As Sarah-Jane points out, “I suffered a childhood fear of animals, so I could not understand why the animals were coming to me. However, I believe there are no coincidences“. She came to discover the animals were seeking her out in their times of real need. “Intuitively, I knew I had the ability to help, and the means to form a bridge of connection“.
My commitment is to assist both animals and guardians in reaching new heights of health and well being, and my passion is to teach them how to communicate with one another naturally and compassionately on their respective journeys. If someone like me, terrified of animals all my life, can learn how to lovingly communicate with them, then so can you”.

Book Cover

Sarah-Jane’s talk took place as part of the SSPR Lecture Programme on: Thursday the 20th of September, at 7.30 in The Glasgow Theosophical Society building, 17 Queens Crescent, Glasgow, G4 9BL.

Prof. Caroline Watt: Precognition. From Life to Lab 17/5/18

Precognition is the apparent ability to predict unexpected future events, and precognitive dreams are amongst the most commonly reported seemingly paranormal experiences. What are the characteristics of seemingly precognitive experiences? Can precognitions be used to warn the public of impending disasters? What psychological factors may be implicated in real-world precognitive experiences? And when researchers have tested for precognition under controlled laboratory conditions, what have they found? Join Professor Caroline Watt, of Edinburgh University, to discover the answers to these questions!

There was an Experiment!

Prof. Watt tested the precognitive powers of the SSPR. The instructions were as follows: On the evening of the 17th of May, in Theosophy House, Queens Crescent, Glasgow, she will show a target image: can your dreams leading up to this event predict what you will see? All you have to do is:

  1. For a few days before the meeting, keep a record of your dreams, a dream diary. And then before the evening of the 17th, email this to the SSPR, via this site, or our Facebook Page.
  2. Turn up to the meeting to find out whether the collective group can predict the target image. The dream diaries will be ‘blind judged’ against four possible targets before the target image is revealed to everyone else. The blind judges will not take part in the experiment.

So focus on that target image – dream on! – and see you there! 

Unfortunately, only 2 persons contributed to the experiment with their ‘impressions’ – and Innes Smith was asked to be the Blind Judge! With little data to choose from – he chose wrong!

Caroline Watt holds the University of Edinburgh’s Koestler Chair of Parapsychology, and is a founder member (in 1986) of the Koestler Parapsychology Unit – the only research centre of its type in the UK. Professor Watt is a former President of the Parapsychological Association, has published numerous journal articles about her research, and her latest book is Parapsychology: A Beginner’s Guide. She runs a parapsychological study registry, the KPU website, Twitter @KPUNews, as well as a popular online course. Find out more at the KPU website: https://koestlerunit.wordpress.com/

Caroline’s talk took place as part of the SSPR Lecture Programme on Thursday the 17th of May, at 7.30 in The Glasgow Theosophical Society building, 17 Queens Crescent, Glasgow, G4 9BL.

Peter Broughan: 2018 The Edge of Disclosure?

Dedicated weird-sky watchers had been bristling with anticipation for some time as recent straws in the wind became a flying wheatfield of rumour and speculation. A game-changing revelation about UFOs and the reality of alien life was imminent, it seemed.
Previous whispers of announcements regarding Unexplained Aerial Phenomena (as the current jargon has it) were always followed by major disappointments as NASA or the US Government delivered less than was hoped for towards confirming that other advanced life forms do exist in our seemingly infinite universe, and indeed that they have been visiting us for very long time indeed.
Not this time though. The truth definitely does seem to be out there now, after an astonishing article in the hallowed pages of the New York Times sent shockwaves reverberating across the world of believers and sceptics alike.
It began when Luis Elizondo, an intelligence official at the Pentagon, resigned his post as head of a secret and secretly-funded US-government programme researching the reality of alien life and threat.
He did so deliberately in order to blow the lid off the abiding culture of secrecy within military and government establishments which constantly prevent the whole truth being allowed out and subjected to public and democratic scrutiny.
Elizondo followed this up by contacting Helene Cooper of the NYT in a scene straight out of a movie, meeting in hotel bar in Washington and showing her declassified docs and videos relating to his work.
Two of the videos which can now be seen online are shot from the gun cameras of US navy planes encountering a UFO, and include the astonished voice-overs of the pilots who cannot believe what they are experiencing.

Peter Broughan is an award winning Film Producer, Academy Award Nominee and lecturer at the University of the West of Scotland.

Peter’s talk took place as part of the SSPR Lecture Programme on Thursday the 19th of April, at 7.30 in The Glasgow Theosophical Society building, 17 Queens Crescent, Glasgow, G4 9BL.

Guy Veale: The Sierras of the Supranormal 15/03/18

Roland Watson: 2017. A Year in the Nessie Hunt 15/02/18

Festive Paranormal Pecha Kucha

Grahame Gardner: Ghosts, Goulies and Things That go Bump in the Night

Innes Smith: Don’t Panic

Andy Thomas: Unexplained Mysteries and Cover Ups


We were delighted to have Professor Caroline Watt as our headline speaker for the SSPR Conference, which took place on Saturday 11th March 2017 in the Grosvenor Hilton, Glasgow!

Professor Caroline Watt, who holds the Koestler Chair of Parapsychology, spoke on:
Investigating the ‘Impossible’: 30 Years at the Koestler Parapsychology Unit

Professor Caroline Watt took a whistle-stop tour of the highs and lows of three decades of research into paranormal claims. From the Indian Rope Trick, to precognitive dreams, to controlled laboratory research testing the ESP hypothesis. Discover the challenges and unexpected scientific rewards of investigating the ‘impossible’!

And for the first time speaking at the SSPR, we were pleased to welcome Dr Ian Tierney: Honorary Research Fellow at the KPU who spoke on:
Psi-related distress in the UK

We got a fascinating glimpse into 30 years of collaboration with the KPU, when Dr Ian Tierney advised individuals who were distressed by their ‘paranormal’ experiences. He presented categories of anomalous experiences, considered real-life examples from his extensive caseload and included information on important research that he is conducting with others.
Learn what to say to help someone traumatised by the paranormal!

Again, we were pleased to announce another ‘first’ for the SSPR,
Dr David Saunders, Lecturer in Cognitive and Biological Psychology at the University of Northampton who spoke to us for the first time on a fascinating topic that he has researched, entitled: “Dreams of High Significance: Lucid Dreams and Extrasensory Perception.”

Learn about this growing area of research that investigates the disassociated consciousness state of lucid dreaming (being aware that one is dreaming while remaining within the dream) and its relationship with Extrasensory Perception (ESP). If you have had a paranormal dream, this is who to consult!

Returning to speak to the SSPR after his talk last year, which was well-received, Steve Mera, a paranormal investigator who works extensively with the media, gave a talk on “Corporate Paranormality.”

Steve presented a range of cases from his caseload where the worlds of business and the paranormal have clashed. Learn how he collected the evidence and resolved these troublesome issues. He also updated us on his current collaborations with Erich Von Daniken of “Chariots of the Gods” fame that could involve the SSPR!

The conference finished after a review of recent SSPR cases and a Question and Answer session on the paranormal in general.