I want an Investigation

The SSPR has an Investigators’ Group that provides a year-round response to members of the public troubled by their paranormal experience. Investigations are free & client confidentiality is paramount. Our Investigators are trained & insured. Our Investigators are expected to be both open-minded but equally focused on investigating the paranormal in a scientific manner.

Are you anxious about something paranormal happening in your life? Do you live in a haunted house? Have you experienced something that you can’t explain? Is something paranormal troubling you?

We investigate the paranormal in a scientific manner. This means that our investigations will always concentrate on gathering evidence before deciding what advice to give.

We do this by interviewing you – initially by telephone or email and later by visiting you if necessary. We’ll ask you about your paranormal experiences and any previous paranormal experiences. We’ll ask you a bit about yourself and your circumstances. We’ll ask you about your health – and to consider anything else that might be relevant to your paranormal experiences. It’s important to gather as much information so that we, and you, can better understand what is happening. More often than not – just simply talking about it will make you feel better – and often calm things down. The SSPR will not run around your home trying to stir anything up!
Everything we do is to try to:

  • Understand what is going on
  • And calm things down

It’s important that you understand that you are in charge of the situation. You don’t have to do anything you don’t want to – and the SSPR won’t ask you to do anything you’re uncomfortable with.
We ask everybody that contacts us to do the following 3 things:

  1. Keep a diary. Try to keep a diary of any paranormal experiences. Make your notes as detailed as possible. Keep a track of exactly where & when experiences happen. Try and be as descriptive as possible. The most important investigator is you.
  2. Provide witnesses. If you are the only witness to your experiences, try to get corroboration from family & friends. Sometimes this can be hard – but support from people who know you will be worth more to you in the short term, and the long term. Isolation has been proven to be a factor in unusual experiences, and being more social will certainly alleviate any stress you might be experiencing. Also, the more witnesses that experience what you experience, the stronger the evidence. And the stronger the evidence, the clearer the plan of action.
    But caution is needed: there is always the danger that one of your witnesses could use your experience as an excuse for paranormal thrill seeking. So choose your potential witnesses carefully. Choose down-to-earth sensible people, not excitable people fascinated by the paranormal. More than 70% of our clients come to us frightened by what a living person says – not by what any ghost does!
  3. Get hard evidence. Try to record any paranormal phenomena using a video camera, stills camera or audio recorder. Whether you do capture something on tape or don’t capture something – all of this could be relevant. If you get precognitions or believe you are psychic, then start to test your own abilities. Write your precognitions down – date them – and get someone else to sign that they have witnessed them. Or see if you can guess whose watch is hidden in a brown envelope. Start to investigate your experiences yourself.

The SSPR does not charge for investigations. We are a charity and all our investigators are volunteers. Some clients donate to the SSPR as a way of thanking the investigators for calming things down, but no one is under any obligation to do so.
Our investigators are open-minded. They have heard at least dozens & dozens (and in some cases, hundreds & hundreds) of paranormal accounts before. Most of our investigators have had personal experience with paranormal phenomena – so you can be reassured to know that all our investigators believe that paranormal events can happen.
But just because paranormal events can happen, it doesn’t mean they happen all the time. Our investigators will try to understand what is happening – and try to understand whether experiences are paranormal or not.
The SSPR does sometimes use people who are spiritualist mediums. We also sometimes use people who are psychics or dowsers. But we don’t often use such people at the early stages of an investigation. This is for two reasons:

  1. Even the best mediums are never 100% accurate all of the time. If they were – there would be no debate about the reality of the paranormal whatsoever. The truth is mediums can’t always turn their ability on – or always get it right. In the early stages of an investigation, such inaccuracies can be distracting & unhelpful – especially as many people will believe what a medium says without question. Investigators should always concentrate on gathering the facts first – before using a medium, a psychic, or a dowser. This also means that we can better test the statements made by a medium in a controlled environment. We don’t just use such people in our investigations – we test them too!
  2. Not all cases need the intervention of mediums. Most cases are solved through taking practical steps or simply stop of their own accord. There is no need to involve another paranormal factor – when we are trying to get things back to normal!

If you still want to see a medium – or speak with someone who is psychic – then the SSPR as an organisation doesn’t endorse any individual or spiritualist group.
We can’t tell you whether it’s right or wrong for you to see a medium – as some people have positive experiences, and other people have negative experiences.
When consulting a medium you still have to be rational & critical and weigh up the evidence. Some mediums charge nothing; some charge a lot. More money doesn’t necessarily mean better mediumship. The best thing to do is take your time and ask a lot of questions before you see anyone.
The mediums, psychics and dowsers that the SSPR work with are valued far more for their counseling skills and down-to-earth approach. Their reputation for psychic ability is secondary. If you still want to see a medium, make sure that whomever you see, they have a reputation for being good with people first & foremost.
Feeling that you’re facing something unknown on your own can be frightening. Talking about it will help. In most of our cases things calm down pretty swiftly. We will ask you to take practical steps to investigate what is happening to you and take practical steps to combat your stress. In the vast majority of our cases this twin track approach works.
The good news is that paranormal experiences – which can be frightening – are very, very rarely dangerous. You shouldn’t worry at all about being hurt. Also, most cases fizzle out in a matter of weeks or months. Even the longest cases – famed throughout the world for their paranormal phenomena – only last for a year, or two years, at the most.
And cases like that – are very rare.
You should be confident to know that whatever is happening will stop one day – and probably far sooner than you think!
The SSPR is not affiliated with any religious or spiritual group. The SSPR holds no corporate view about the nature of paranormal phenomena – only that we investigate it in ‘a scientific manner’. Whilst we do sometimes use people such as spiritualist mediums, we will never bring one into an investigation without your consent.
It is SSPR policy not to challenge or go against anyone’s beliefs.
To find out more about what sort of Cases we have investigated and how we respond, then see our previous Case Reports in the CASES ARCHIVE.

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