SSPR Members benefit from:

  1. Attending lectures for one pound
  2. Access to the full audio/visual archive of lectures
  3. Access to the SSPR’s Library (stored in Theosophy House)
  4. Access to join the Investigation Group, including going on spontaneous cases and taking part in activities, such as vigils.

Membership subscription is £20 per annum and covers the Lecture Programme which runs from September to May and the Investigation Group Meetings, which run over the summer. Subscriptions are due in October at the latest

To Join, contact us. Here’s the Membership form, in PDF and Word format.

Membership Application Form 2019

Membership Application Form 2019



Don’t forget to give us permission to contact you due to the new EU GDPR legislation – please tick the box in the membership form! 

When complete, please pay Membership Fee as follows:
  1. Cash/cheque payable to S.S.P.R. along with completed form to an SSPR trustee at one of our meetings.
  2. Or post cheque payable to S.S.P.R. along with completed form to: The SSPR, c/o The Theosophical Society, 17 Queen’s Crescent, Glasgow, G4 9BL
  3. Or by BACS to SSPR Bank Account No. 00817842, Bank of Scotland, Sort Code 800752 – Please REMEMBER to Reference your Payment with your name and send your form to us at the above address.
  4. Email enquiries to our Secretary
  5. Postal enquiries to the address previously given at 2 above.