Charity Information

The Scottish Society for Psychical Research is a registered charity and as such, we are regulated by the Scottish Charity Regulator, OSCR.

Our page on OSCR’s website can be found here.

Our latest up-to-date annual report (Year Ending 2019) can be downloaded in pdf format or as a word document.

PDF: SSPR_Annual_Report_2019_Website

Word: SSPR_Annual_Report_2019_Website

And our previous year’s accounts.

PDF: SSPR_Annual_Accounts_YE_2018

Word: SSPR_Annual_Accounts_YE_2018

Our latest up-to-date constitution can be downloaded in pdf format or as a word document below.

PDF: SSPR_Constitution_Up_to_Date_2019

Word: SSPR_Constitution_Up_to_Date_2019

Also, here are our Minutes from our last AGM (2020) to be approved at our 2021 AGM. 

And our Latest Submitted Annual Report:

And our Agenda for our 2021 AGM (on Thursday the 21st of January):

  1. Welcome and Roll Call
  2. Approval of Previous AGM Minute
  3. Election / Re-election of Council Members (Trustees of the Charity)
  4. Any Proposals requiring Discussion and Vote
  5. Secretary’s Report
  6. Treasurer’s Report and Vote on Approval of Annual Accounts/Report
  7. President’s Address
  8. A.O.B

There ends the official part of the Meeting. A discussion of SSPR Cases will follow.